VIBCO Precast Concrete Form Vibrators

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VIBCO Concrete Vibrators vibrate all types of concrete forms to provide exceptional consolidation and finish quality. You will save time and money by using external concrete vibrators.

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Precast Burial Vault Vibrators

Watch how VIBCO USP-900 Vibrators on female pin brackets help to improve the efficiency and quality of precast concrete burial vault production. The VIBCO USP-900 is precast concrete industry favorite because it is a workhorse and has great portability between forms. VIBCO's Model USP-900 is a 115 volt single phase motor with low amperage draw. It can be plugged into any light outlet or from field generators. It is speed adjustable without an electronic speed controller. The USP-900 has adjustable eccentrics which allow you to select the force you require for a perfect finish.

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Vibrating Table Consolidates Concrete

Watch this video to see the complete and efficient consolidation of concrete in a form on a VIBCO Gridtop Table. This table was custom engineered for the customer. VIBCO offers a complete line of custom and off-the-shelf standard vibrating tables. VIBCO Vibrating Tables can be fitted with heavy duty electric, pneumatic or hydraulic vibrators. VIBCO's tables feature heavy duty construction and include all-steel frames and inflatable vibration isolators. Our Gridtop Tables are ideal for concrete consolidation.

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VIBCO High Frequency Pneumatic Vibrators on Precast Concrete Forms

Watch this video to see a precaster easily moving an SVRWS-4000 pneumatic vibrator from one form to another. VIBCO Concrete Form Vibrators are powerful enough to move even low-slump concrete, reduce casting time, and reduce the number and severity of surface imperfections. VIBCO's wedge style and pin style vibrators are easy to move between forms to save you time and money! 

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Casting Manufactured Stone on a VIBCO Vibrating Table

Watch this video to see a sample of a manufactured stone is made on a standard VIBCO US-RD-24X24 table with a VIBCO 4P-700 and a variable speed controller. Consolidation of concrete and the fidelity of cast in the small latex form is vital for producing ornamental concrete. The VIBCO US-RD tables provide the necessary vibration and most models have adjustable speed and force.

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Making Concrete Countertops

Watch how VIBCO's incredible Stik-It mounting bracket  and US-450TAL Concrete Counter Top Vibrator provide portability and ease of use on this homemade concrete countertop casting table. Watch how the beautifully the concrete consolidates, despite being a very stiff mix.

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