VIBCO Vibrators for New Austrian Tunneling Method

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VIBCO Concrete Vibrators vibrate all types of concrete forms to provide exceptional consolidation and finish quality. You will save time and money by using external concrete vibrators.

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New Austrian Tunneling Method - SVRFS-5500

Watch how the VIBCO MAN-8 eight port manifold is used in conjunction with VIBCO SVRFS-5500 High Frequency Vibrators on a tunnel job. The VIBCO SVRFS-5500 is ideal because of high efficiency and low noise. This particular job had four MAN-8 manifolds controlling a total of 32 vibrators which include the:

SVRFS-5500   •   CCL5000T   •   SVRL-6500SRL

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New Austrian Tunneling Method

Watch this short animation to see how VIBCO Vibrators are used in tje New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM) as concrete fills the form against the membrane. The typical vibrator used is the CCL-5000T Tunnel Form Vibrator which is designed with tunneling contractors in mind - no lubrication means no messy, oil misted air is exhausted into the confined space and it is compliant with mining safety regulations for air quality and noise levels. Another popular model is the SVRLS-5500

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