Vibco Vibrators Industries and Applications

Save time, money, and frustration. Improve your material flow with VIBCO Industrial Vibrators.

VIBCO Vibrators are used extensively in food and beverage production, as in this chocolate factory where a VIBCO SCR-100 settles the chocolate and removes trapped air. Check out our complete VIBCO "On The Job" gallery of VIBCO Vibrators Photos and Videos now.

vibco vibrator used in chocolate factory

VIBCO Industrial Vibrators and Construction Vibrators are mechanical devices designed to generate vibration. VIBCO manufactures air (pneumatic), AC or DC electric, hydraulic vibrators and vibratory tables.  Our vibrators are used in hundreds of industries in thousands of different ways.  How can we help you use VIBCO industrial vibrators to solve your problem?  Call us at 800-633-0032


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Material Flow Vibrators

VIBCO Vibrators are applied to improve the loading and unloading of bulk materials into - or out of - containers and trucks:

  • eliminate hang-ups and bottlenecks
  • discharge material more reliably, feed more consistently, sort more effectively, and compact more efficiently
  • reduce costs and enhance productivity
  • more than 1,300 different models to solve material flow problems ranging from spice tins to rail cars
  • VIBCO's Original Silent Turbine Vibrator is ultra-quiet, affordable replacement for noisy ball and piston vibrators

Concrete Vibrators for Production and Placement

VIBCO Vibrators help concrete to reach its rated strength by removing entrapped air. VIBCO vibrators are used in both the production and placement of concrete to:

  • improve the flow of aggregate, sand and cement... no more hangups
  • increase the consistency of batches by normalizing bin flow
  • improve the flow of mixed concrete through pump grates and down chutes
  • help to transport pumped or poured concrete evenly throughout the form

Mobile Vibrator Applications

VIBCO Vibrators manufactures a complete line of vibrators for use on a variety of work truck applications including dump trucks, dump trailers, sand and salt spreaders, agricultural spreaders, and mobile screens:

  • empty sticky or stubborn materials from dump beds and dump trailers without tailgate banging or over-hoisting
  • improve the flow of ice control mix on all sizes and styles of salt and sand spreaders
  • ensure the consistency of flow for agricultural spreaders (fertilizer, innoculant, etc.)
  • install quickly with VIBCO's easy mounting system includes all mounting hardware, controls, and required accessories

Vibratory Equipment and Air Cannons

In addition to our complete line of more than 1,300 industrial and construction vibrators, VIBCO manufactures: