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Introduction to Vibration

I'm Not Really Familiar with Vibration. What Is It? Why Should I Use It?

Vibration is a powerful force that do everything from shake concrete to move apples down a hopper and everything in between.

If you're brand new to using vibration for your job, check out the following resources:

Sizing, Mounting and Application

How Do I Size My VIBCO Vibrator?

VIBCO offers a library of literature for many different sizing and applications of our vibrators. The complete list of size guides and applications can be found under our Service Manuals section of our website.

How Do I Mount My VIBCO Vibrator?

Consult our Service Manuals section of our website for your model of vibrator and download the Quick Service Manual associated with it.

Servicing, Wiring and Repair

My Vibrator is Broken. How Do I Get Help Fixing It?

Historically, we've found that many issues with VIBCO vibrators stem from a mounting issue.

Under VIBCO's Service Manuals section, there is a section for Repair Manuals. VIBCO's Repair Manual section includes repair guides for:

If the issue is not a mounting related issue, fill out a VIBCO Technical Support form and one of our technicians will be in contact with you shortly. Be sure to include photos of your application under the Upload Your Application Photo tab so our technicians can better help you get your vibrator working.

I Need a Return Goods Authorization. How Do I Get One?

Fill out a VIBCO Technical Support form and one of our representatives will send you a Return Goods Authorization form.

My Vibrator Failed and Stopped Working for Me. What Do I Do?

We've found that most vibrator failures are a result of improper mounting. 

First, consult our library of mounting guides and instructions for our vibrators. If the problem is not resolved, contact VIBCO customer service at 401-539-2392.

Pricing, Orders and Availability

How Do I Purchase a VIBCO Vibrator?

VIBCO sells primarily through distribution. This includes major names in industrial equipment distribution like Grainger and Fastenal to smaller, local dealers. If you're having trouble finding a VIBCO dealer near you, contact us at 401-539-2392 and we'll locate the closest VIBCO dealer to you.

I Have a Purchase Order for a VIBCO Vibrator. How Do I Get It Processed?

Send your purchase order to to orders@vibco.com (US) or ordersca@vibco.com (Canada).

How Can I Check My Order Progress of My Order?

If you have questions about the status of your VIBCO order, contact VIBCO customer support at 401-539-2392

How Do I Find Out if a Particular Vibrator is in Stock?

Like checking the progress of my order, call VIBCO's customer service staff at 401-539-2392

I Have a Project Coming Up Very Soon and Need a Vibrator ASAP. How Do I Get a Vibrator for My Project Quickly?

Call VIBCO customer service at 401-539-2392 and explain how urgently you need your vibrators.

If we have the vibrators you need in stock and our shipping trucks haven't left for the day, we can work to expedite the shipment. 

There are limits to how quickly we can ship, but we will do everything possible to make sure that we can get you the vibrators you need exactly when you need them.

How Else Can I Get in Touch With a VIBCO Customer Service Representative?

VIBCO can also be contacted via a message to our Facebook page or a tweet to our Twitter page. A direct tweet at us or a direct message are both acceptable ways of communication.

How do I Find a VIBCO Dealer Near Me?

You guessed it - call VIBCO at 401-539-2392! One of our representatives will find the nearest dealer of VIBCO products in your area.

General Inquiries, Getting Sales Literature and VIBCO Merch

How Do I Get a VIBCO Big Bertha T-Shirt or Some Stickers?

Download the order form here for a T-shirt or head to the Cool Stuff section of our website in the top menu and download the form there.

How Do I Get A Copy of a VIBCO Catalog and Other Sales Literature?

We're always happy to mail out sales literature and catalogs to those who inquire. Fill out this form here under the Products section of our website and we'll get you your literature as soon as possible (usually 2-5 business days depending on your location).

Do You Have Terms of Use and Terms of Sale?

We have both. For our Terms of Use click here and for our Terms of Sale click here.

Do You Have a Warranty Policy?

We do have a Warranty Policy. The full policy can be read here.