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The Nation’s First Strengths-Based State: How Rhode Island Uses Clifton Strengths Finder to Improve a Disengaged Workforce

by [user not found] | Jan 04, 2016

Earlier in December, Gallup ran a story titled “Rhode Island Wants to Be the First "Strengths-Based State". The story outlined that in an effort to reverse Rhode Island’s actively disengaged workforce - one of the highest in the nation - using the Clifton Strengths Finder assessment. The Strengths Finder is a test meant to help the test taker understand what their unique strengths are. By extension, how these strengths fit into their job and to the company they are a part of.

We at VIBCO have been using Strengths Finder for many years with tremendous success in our workplace. Recently, other companies in Rhode Island including Gilbane Construction and Leadership RI and governor Gina Raimondo’s office and cabinet have begun exploring experimenting with Strengths Finder and working into their organization structure. The results, so far, have been encouraging and leading more organizations in the state to try using Strengths Finder.

Read Gallup’s full piece on strengths in Rhode Island here