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On the Job: External Vibration and Tight Rebar in Massachusetts (2013)

by [user not found] | Nov 09, 2015

Having been in business over 50 years, we've accrued a lot visits to job sites all around the United States. While digging through the VIBCO archives, we came across a short video detailing a job site visit from back in 2013 in Massachusetts involving our Stik It mount , an SVT SVRLS high frequency pneumatic vibrator and some tight rebar. 

Read the full piece below.

- - -

Back in February 2013, our VIBCO field technicians were called to a job site to demonstrate the unique attachment and ability of our Stik It mount and an SVT SVRLS pneumatic vibrator.

The job: Pouring concrete for bridge pier footing.

The problem: The crew was using internal vibrators to flow the concrete through tight rebar and having problems getting a smooth, even consolidation all the way through the concrete. Also, the internal vibrator was getting damaged trying to consolidate the concrete in between the tight rebar.

This particular job site visit was uncharacteristically difficult because the air compressors used to power the vibrators were not working properly. The compressor they purchased did not start and we were delayed from using the SI until. Over an hour into the pour, a second compressor arrived and we were able to hook up our equipment and begin our demonstration on concrete that already began to cake.

The solution: VIBCO's pneumatic external vibrator and a Stik It mount. This particular company had never used external vibration before and were quite surprised that we were still able to move the mix even as the mix was settling and caking.

For this job site visit, we took some video and overdubbed the a short synopsis of what happened. Watch and see for yourself the resulting consolidation of the mix: