vibco high frequency pneumatic vibrators

high frequency pneumatic vibrator vibco vibrators

High Frequency Pneumatic Vibration

We've Broken the Sound Barrier

VIBCO's engineers broke the sound barrier of high frequency vibration and developed a "Silent" high frequency vibrator that produces the same speed and force as conventional models... but without all the noise!

Our patented design provides

  • Performance — the high speed and force you
    need for your job
  • Reliability — starts every time and is guaranteed
    to perform
  • Quiet Operation — our patented design eliminates
    the noise normally associated with
    high frequency pneumatic models
  • Efficiency — our patented Air Saver design
    recycles air

An Ideal Concrete Vibrator

With a variety of sizes, brackets and models, VIBCO's High Frequency Pneumatic Vibrators are ideal for use on concrete forms including burial vault, septic tanks, manhole covers, steps, horizontal panels, and a wide variety of wall forming systems.

VIBCO offers expert sizing and selection assistance for all concrete applications. Contact us today for more information.