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New Blog Post: Reducing truck damage and improving driver safety are reasons to install VIBCO Big Bertha™ Vibrators

by Linda Kleineberg | Apr 09, 2013
New Vibration Nation Blog Post about how to reduce truck damage and improve safety with VIBCO Truck Vibrators

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VIBCO's Big Bertha Dumpbody Vibrator DC-3500 and XL Bertha DC-5000

Improve Worker Safety

    VIBCO Big Bertha DC-3500
  • Reduce risk of truck rollover caused by top-heaviness caused by material hanging up in corners of lifted bed
  • Reduce risk of falls and injuries associated with manual clean outs
  • Reduce need for driver to exit the cab of the truck with easy push-button operation

Reduce Truck Damage

  • Reduce wear and tear on tailgate, breaks, and hydraulics caused by tailgate slamming, bouncing, over-hoisting 
  • Reduce dents and damage caused by banging bed with back-hoe buckets, shovels, sledge hammers

VIBCO's Big Bertha and XL Bertha dumpbody vibrators are sold as complete kits* including: mounting plate, wiring kit, cable, and mounting bolts. Also available in 24 Volt.

For complete product information:

Big Bertha DC-3500

XL Bertha DC-5000

*Mounting channel sold separately