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New Blog Post - It's Holiday Time at VIBCO!

by Linda Kleineberg | Dec 05, 2012
VIBCO Holiday Hold Music... lyrics by VIBCO Employees... Vocals by Ron Hayden... Produced by David Wuhl... awesome.

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It's Holiday Time at VIBCO!

by Linda Kleineberg | Dec 03, 2012

The whole VIBCO team had so much fun writing "VIBCO-ized" versions of some popular Christmas Tunes last year... we loved them so much that we had them professionally recorded!  Listen to them here or enjoy them while you're on hold waiting for your VIBCO service agent or technical support person to come on the line!

VIBCO Silent Sam Santa

We're Shakin Up Your Concrete VIBCO Xmas Song

The VIBCO Team Xmas Song

Let it Shake! Let it Shake! Let it Shake! VIBCO Xmas Song

It's VIBCO! It's VIBCO! It's VIBCO! Xmas Song

Frosty the Millwright VIBCO Xmas Song

VIBCO Vibration Nation Xmas Song