MLT-320 Poly - Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator


Channel Iron (Inches)
Mounting Plate for B,BV,BVS-320
Exhaust Muffler, S'Stl.
Solenoid Valve
Filter/Regulator 3/8" NPT
Ball Valve 3/8"


Tech Data

VIBCO MLT and MHI Millennium™ Sanitary Turbine Vibrators are an ideal choice for sanitary, food, medical, and pharmaceutical industries including harsh chemical environments.

  • Use VIBCO MLT and MHI Millennium™ Turbine Vibrators on any new or existing turbine vibrator application or to replace worn, noisy or messy ball or piston vibrators.
  • VIBCO MLT and MHI Millennium™ Turbine Vibrators feature extruded aluminum housings, stainless steel shafts, and aircraft aluminum covers, giving these vibrators additional strength, durability, and long life
  • Can be used with 30 to 80 PSI
  • High temperature environment models are available.
  • Virtually silent vibrator with low air consumption and is maintenance free

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